3. BOTOX (Wrinkle Treatment)
BOTOX (Wrinkle Treatment)
Botulinum Toxin is the most commonly applied non-surgical cosmetic procedure.
BOTOX (Wrinkle Treatment)
Operation Time
10-15 Min
Operation Time
Anesthesia Type
Anesthesia Type
4-6 Months
Recovery time
14 Days
Recovery time
Average length of stay in Turkey:
1 Day
Average length of stay in Turkey:
Length of hospital stay:
No Need
Length of hospital stay:


Botulinum Toxin is the most commonly applied non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Botox, which is an effective solution for removing lines formed around the eyes, forehead, nose edges, middle of the eyebrows, around the lips and neck region, is a procedure performed by injecting botulinum toxin into problematic areas. It is also frequently used for sweating treatment.

Uses of Botox:

• Forehead lines, frown lines, lip lines

• Wrinkles around the eyes

• Neck area

• Deep jaw tip pits

• Mouth edges that give a sad face expression

• Chin area

• Low nose tip

• Low eyebrows

• Sweating areas such as hand and foot


Application of Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxin is a procedure that is completed in a few minutes. At the same time, the injection needles used during administration are very fine tipped and painless.

Botox injections take just a few minutes because it may seem like a simple procedure to you. But in fact, what an experienced doctor should do is an application where art and science meet.

There is a total of 43 muscles on our face, and it is extremely vital that the person injecting botulinum toxin needs to know the right points and where to apply to optimize your treatment.

A fine needle is used to inject small amounts of botox into specific muscles. By carefully selecting specific muscles, your doctor will only weaken the wrinkling muscles and preserve your natural facial expressions.

Generally, Botox treatment injections take less than 15 minutes.

The number of injections you need depends on your face and the degree of wrinkles. Goose legs, for example, usually require two to three injections. Wrinkles on the top of the eyebrow can take five or more.


After Botulinum Toxin

After 2 days of botulinum toxin, positive effects begin to be observed and continue for at least 4 months. Botox can be applied repeatedly and is a reversible treatment.

Botulinum Toxin injection makes the mimic muscles relax and skin wrinkles disappear.

Botulinum toxin provides relaxation of mimic muscles by blocking muscles and nerves in the applied area.

After the application of Botox, no redness occurs in the area where the procedure is performed.

There are two points to be considered at the end of treatment:

The first is that the mimic muscles are not over-exercised for 2-3 hours after the procedure, and the second is to avoid standing in the forward position.

It is also advisable not to take a shower or bath for 1 week.

Botox is the fastest and most effective wrinkle removal treatment that can be safely applied to almost anyone except pregnant and lactating women.


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