In this surgery, the nipple is repositioned and then reattached at a higher position.
Operation Time
2-4 Hours
Operation Time
Anesthesia Type
Anesthesia Type
Recovery time
1-2 Weeks
Recovery time
Average length of stay in Turkey:
7 Days
Average length of stay in Turkey:
Length of hospital stay:
1 Night
Length of hospital stay:


In this surgery, the nipple is repositioned and then reattached at a higher position.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast Reduction is a surgery where breasts are reduced by removing the parts determined from the breast tissue and a new breast shape is formed with the remaining tissues.

 In this surgery, the nipple is repositioned and then reattached at a higher position as a skin graft if the breasts are very large.


Who is suitable for Breast Reduction Surgery?

• People with breast size larger than reasonable

• People with sagging problems due to their large breasts

• Those who cannot wear clothes comfortably due to their large breasts

• Those with skin problems, back pain and posture problems

• Those with breasts that are too large to perform physical activities

• Loss of self-confidence due to non-aesthetic appearance


Before the Surgery

 First and most important, we take into account and evaluate your worries and expectations from the surgery.

As a result, we will have a consultation and discuss with you the size of your breasts, shape, skin, the new location of the nipple, your age, whether you will have children, etc.

You will be informed about the details of the operation and will be informed about the marks, nipple sensitivity, breastfeeding, anesthesia mode and the risks of the operation if any.

To make your decision easier, we will show you pictures of our patients who have previously undergone the same surgery.

Once you decide on the operation, our team will plan the operation day in consultation with you.


Breast Reduction Technique

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia. The tissues inside the breast and the excess skin outside the breast are removed. Simultaneously, the teats that grow are reduced to the final dimensions.

During this surgery, the breast reduction process is carried out by using personalized techniques considering the size of the breast.

Although the sutures vary according to the technique used, they are usually inverted as T-shaped and fade over time. These sutures will not create any non-aesthetic problem to the patient.


After the Surgery

The technique used depends on the size, symmetry and sagging degree of each patient which differ from one another.

At Cygnus Clinic, we ensure that the patient has a comfortable recovery. Customized breast reduction operation is one of which we receive the best feedback from our patients.

 During the first or second day after the surgery, our patient may perform a limited movement of arms. Within a few weeks, the scar begins to fade. Immediately after the surgery we observe great ease, reduced back pain, and even overcoming other health problems. Our patient is relieved and happy of obtaining an aesthetic look on their chest.


How much scarring remains after Breast Reduction Surgery?

During Breast Reduction Surgery, our doctors aim for perfect aesthetic appearance with minimum scars and a comfortable healing process. For this reason, we ensure that the operation is well planned and results with satisfactory feedback from our patients.

We have to keep in mind that the technique and incision marks used differ depending on the breast size of each patient. 



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